A Story About My Job

Hi, my name is Stacey Kohler, and I am proud to be a landscaper.

Landscaping is working with equipment outside in all-weather seasons. The tools I use are tongs to pick up garbage, a rake to move leaves and clippers to trim prickle bushes; I got trained to work with the clippers.

My daily work routine looks something like this:

My dad drives me and my boyfriend, Weston, to work together. I annoy my boyfriend by singing Brittany Spears to him in the car, he likes to hum to the music.

Once I get to work, I put on my mask and sanitize my hands and say “hello” to my co-workers.

I get together with my crew: Ty, Ed and myself and we head out. We then drive around and go to different worksites. I like helping my crew, I am their bucket person. I hold the bucket for them to put grass clippings and leaves into.

After a few hours of work, we get a coffee break. We eat food and drink our coffee. I like to listen to music from my phone.

We have a few more worksites to visit after our coffee and food break and then I am home for the day.

After my shift at work, I go home and make myself food and have a short nap.

I love my job; it has changed my life. I am so happy to be able to wake up three days a week and clean my community. It is very important to keep the community clean because I love the Earth.

And that my friend’s is a Stacey Kohler day! I am proud to be a landscaper.

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