An Opportunity to Share with Others

cathy grantCathy Grant – Disabilities Activist

Hello everyone; 

Thora and I have a great idea – brilliant in fact! Does anyone out there wish they had a place or opportunity to share with others (either disabled or not) their concerns, questions, ideas etc about any topic that interests you in a safe friendly atmosphere with others who care? Years ago, on occasion, as the interest dictated, I would have a couple people to my place to discuss things like independence and what it meant for them and me and sometimes I took their ideas and applied them to my own life.. I found this very beneficial and worthwhile and good way to socialize. Would anyone out there be interested in such a similar situation and if so, please let me know and let’s see what we can make happen. We hope to hear from you soon and perhaps more ideas will emerge.

An Opportunity to Share with Others UPDATE # 1

Further to the last post, I wish to elaborate a little to get you thinking about what may interest you…..

  • These informal sessions could be held in someone’s home or weather permitting. a park or other outdoor venue
  • we could discuss such things as “Independence” and what that means to you
  • we could discuss a huge exciting rally type event , aka “HOOTENANY 2015” which would reach out to the public and give them more insight into the lives and strifes of persons with disabilities and or seniors
  • we could have live music at these sharing sessions (lead by someone you may know) and perhaps we could even  collectively create our own song or two
  • we could discuss the many or not, useful or not, benefits available or not, to persons with disabilities like the RDSP, the Federal and Provincial Disability Tax Credits, CSIL (Choices in Support of Independent Living) Maybe we could come up with some new ones.
We are excited to hear your thoughts.
Please:  note that have to  go to Cathy Grants blog to add comments there below link.
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