CLBC finalizes strategic plan: Individual outcomes, family relationships are top priorities

After months of meetings, presentations and community visits led by Community Living BC’s CEO Seonag Macrae, a new strategic plan has been approved by the Board of Directors to help guide the organization until 2020. It sets goals for better quality of life outcomes and improved individual and family experiences, as well as more efficient operations and enhanced service provider partnerships. See the plan here.

“I received input from across the province,” said Seonag Macrae, CLBC’s CEO, who met with groups and staff in 15 communities. “This plan reflects the feedback we received. It is important to have a clear direction that reflects the needs and perspectives of those we serve.”

The plan identifies key priorities, with the understanding there is more to do, says Macrae. The relationship with individuals and their families is an important area of focus.

In order to improve individual and family experiences, CLBC will work to develop better communication, enhance the planning experience, and strengthen cross-government collaboration.

For the goal of improved outcomes, CLBC aims to better serve individuals with multiple, complex needs, increase access to independent living and continue to increase employment rates.

The plan identifies other priorities including better aligning services with needs, improving reporting and streamlining processes.

“We are stewards of significant public funding,” said Macrae. “We must make sure we manage programs and services efficiently and effectively, so that individuals are getting access to quality supports and services in the best way possible.”

The plan takes effect in April 2017. CLBC is finalizing its specific priorities for the first year of implementation.

Community Living BC funds and monitors services to individuals with developmental disabilities over 19 years old so that they can have lives full of possibilities and opportunities. The crown corporation was created in 2005 and currently serves nearly 20,000 individuals in the province.

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