Giving Back to the Personal Development Program


By Mark Yuen (Surrey, B.C.)


In April 2017; I was hired to be a part-time front desk associate of Semiahmoo House Society. Three years before in 2014, I was a participant of the Personal Development program. During the program, I was involved in the Thursday’s Music Makers. The Staff and I put this class together.

The Music Makers DVD is a spectacular project that I have worked on. To create the project I used EA Game’s Sims 3 as my theatre program; I was able to get the motion captured “Troy Bolton and the House of the Music band” started. Using an actual orchestra program with actual instrument samples (the Tree House Symphony Orchestra & Choir), for both the band and backtracks; the quality of the output music is quite natural.

I also acquired the license from Walt Disney in 2010 for an educational purpose. I used the characters and related materials of High School Musical (for a drama class in the Personal Development program). I had the soundtrack CD timed to the video. The video of Music Makers was put together and edited by me; using Microsoft Movie Maker Live.

Right now, I am working on creating a motion-capture C.G.I. stage play called Heartbeat-Rob’s Two Heroes. I have acquired the full license from ITV Productions in 2007. A bit of the play:


P.C. Rob Walker (the village bobby is missing!) He is found lying on the grass, in the middle of the neighbourhood park of Aidensfield; by two teenage boys from Rainbow Island – Thomas Jacob and Leo Bryan Courtney, who are spending their summer with their parents – Julian and Carmen at their summer cottage.  The music for the play is done by my orchestra – the Tree House Symphony Orchestra and Choir (recorded and mastered by Alberto Galluzzo, contracted work from Venice Italy).


First I will have to use my “theatre” program to create the motion-capture cast, sets and props.  This play was based on both the original play in 2010; performed by the Wednesday’s theatre class in Personal Development program directed and written by Mark Yuen and Denise Kusel.

During the play’s beginning, intermission break, beginning of Act 2 and end of production speeches, I will be using a full-length fox teddy puppet as the master of ceremonies. The expected launch time for the stage play, Heartbeat- Rob’s Two Heroes will be Wednesday, March 20, 2019; if all goes well.


Caption of Image: Drawing of the character Rob Walker from the play the Heartbeat-Rob’s Two Heroes


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