HandyDART Advisory Committee

Woman getting off HandyDART with support from operatorThe HandyDART Advisory Committee (HDAC) was formed as part of a commitment to establish additional ways for HandyDART customers to provide input on the service. The HandyDART Advisory Committee allows TransLink to hear directly from customers and stakeholders and ensure that this service meets their needs, particularly as we deliver an ambitious workplan that includes a number of significant policy changes from recommendations arising out of the 2017 Custom Transit Service Delivery Review.

The purpose of the HandyDART Advisory Committee is to provide advice and guidance on HandyDART plans, programs and other initiatives and advise TransLink on matters to improve HandyDART service for customers. It is composed of individuals who are HandyDART customers or have direct experience working with them, and who take a collaborative approach to improving the service.


Apply for the 2019 HandyDART Advisory Committee!

Applications to serve on the 2019 HandyDART Advisory Committee are open until May 3rd, 2019. The committee is composed of a maximum of 13 members and is intended to represent a diversity of disability sectors, municipal and regional districts, age groups, genders and cultures.

Candidates will be evaluated based their experience and understanding of HandyDART service, their ability to work collaboratively, and how they contribute to the diversity of the committee. Candidates may be contacted for additional information. Committee members will be appointed by the TransLink Board.

Those interested in applying can fill out and submit an application form.

For more information, or to request the application form in an alternate format, please contact:

Access Transit Planning








This on translink website go to the link here

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