Individualized Funding

By:  Lee Kissinger (Victoria, B.C.)


I had a very difficult matter happen in my life recently. My mom passed away and many things in my life changed. I needed help setting up my new life.

First I had some testing to see if I could get support. Then I met with a social worker who wrote what is called “the plan”. This tells people all about me. My dreams were to live independently, and meet new people, do more travelling and continue to work at Thrifty’s. I also wanted to get more involved in my community and stay connected to my family and friends.


I then waited to hear if funding would be approved to pay for the supports I needed. I got the “OK’ that my supports would be paid for, and I met with the people from Community Living Victoria. My aunt told me they would be the agency who would “handle” my money and hire who I wanted. They helped me find great support people! My three support people are helping me to learn new things so I can live independently and take care of myself.


Some of the things I am now doing with my new support to live a more independent and full life is:

– I have my own apartment

–  I am successful at my job

-I clean and make a grocery list

– I have help to make dinners, the laundry, and fix my e-mail

– I go grocery shopping and go to the movies

– I meet with friends

– I become a member of CLV’s self-advocacy group and I am on the board

– I became more independent in my job with the help of job coaches


I miss my mother a lot but I am learning lots of new things and I am building my own life right now.

My dreams are becoming a reality! Having the people to help me from Community Living Victoria is important to my success.


Thank you – Sincerely,

Lee Kissinger

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