Interviews with People with Diverse Abilities: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2018 Party Edition. (2017)

Written by Artist/Reporter
Jeff Stackhouse

Happy New Year all friends, family and all Self Advocates from Self Advocate Net and Jeff Stackhouse Art Productions and Films.

2017 has been a year of great triumphs with the website as well in sport, advocacy and funding.

I even started a new idea to interview people with diverse abilities and share my findings with everyone here so they can get helpful and great ideas through peers and loved ones whom are willing to share ideas and who like to answer my questions throughout the year.

Today we say goodbye to 2017 and say hello to 2018.

In this special New Year’s edition I interviewed people with diverse abilities and they all had a lot to say about what the new year brings and how they celebrate it.

Jeff:  How do you celebrate New Years Eve and New Year’s Day?

Interviewee: I like to watch the ball drop on new years from Times Square in New York and have a party with my closest friends.  New Year’s Eve is a good time to reflect on the past year and New Year’s Day is a great day to make resolutions about how you will change and become a better person in 2018.

J: Great answer.  So what do you put on your list of resolutions that will make the New Year easier and better for you?

I: I want to eat better foods, less junk and more fruits and vegetables.  I want to exercise more and watch less TV.  This will help me be more healthy and give me more energy to have a fun happy 2018.

J: Ok excellent. I like to see people getting healthier and doing what they have to do to make a great year happen.  What else to do like to do on New Years Eve or New Year’s Day?

I: Well it’s fun to spend time with family and friends, light fireworks or watch them, bang pots and pans very loudly at midnight, and even have a drink of hot spiced apple cider and say cheers to a great new year ahead. What do you do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Jeff?

J: Oh yes, can’t forget snacks, drinks, tv shows counting down the minutes to 2018 and also yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s all so exciting!

Thank you for the questions.

On New Year’s Eve I like to watch fireworks or see a concert (in person or on TV) then I do all New Year’s resolutions BEFORE midnight… so that you can start the New Year off right.  I have a party with family and friends and get very loud at midnight.  On New Year’s Day I go out with family and plan a great full day of movies, fun, food, and laughter. It’s very good to start the year off on the right foot, so to speak, so hopefully everyone can go into 2018 with a kind, loving, generous spirit of love and kindness for themselves and all they meet along the way.

J: Do you have any other questions for me before 2018 arrives?

I: Yes do you know of any events that take place on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

J: Yes I sure do.  There are not a lot of free local events in Mission or Abbotsford but there are some ticketed concerts and events like “The Harlem Globetrotters” at Abbotsford Center (New Year’s Eve Dec 31st 2017 2pm) .  If you are looking for a big free event the closest one is at Canada Place in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve. I went last year and it’s a huge event with 4 concert stages, 2 fireworks displays and lots of family activities.  It’s a great time and it’s easy on the pocket book. Also remember that the bus runs all night as is free all night for anyone that needs a safe ride to or from a party.

Well great interview any last tributes and words for 2017?

I: Yes it was a great year full of fun, surprises and a year-long celebration of Canada 150.

J: Oh yes Canada 150 … will be sad to see that go but we will go into 2018 with hope and joy. We will do our best and fight for what is right.  Yes 2017 was good but 2018 will be even better. Lots to look forward to in the New Year. Olympic Winter Games, Han Solo Star Wars film,  Katy Perry, Lorde, it’s going to be super exciting!!!

Well thanks for letting me interview you all it’s been a great help and it’s been really helpful to see what people like to do for New Year’s.  I wish you all a very happy and safe New Year’s party and safe happy and healthy 2018.

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