Life at Surrey Connections

Written by: Reid Parkes
In what ways are you included and contribute to your community?
We volunteer in our community and we do Adopt A Street, Clean Sweep and shoreline cleanup. We raise money for the Surrey Food Bank.
Discover new parks and sports and recreation activities in Rec Centers. We look after our streets and clean them up and along the shore Also, we go to different and new outings each month in the Lower Mainland. We try new things because we like to learn about things in our community that shows us the big world around us at city of Surrey and Delta and many other places in BC. We self-advocate leaders help people to get to know our community so we can help seniors to try to get out in the community. We also have a community garden.
We go to music program out in the community and it is lots of fun. We raise money for cancer research. Being a self-advocate is to learn more about being part of the community. A strong community is a place of opportunity.
A community is a group of people. A community is a group of living things sharing the same environment. Throughout Surrey investments in our community centres offer residents improved access to recreation and fitness facilities, transportation options and green spaces. We explore the community centres that make up Surrey. We go to events where we live in our community. We also hang out with friends and families in our community. We respect our community with a lot of pride and joy and laughter.
We have goals in our lives that surrounds us in our community when we try activities out such as temples, flyover Canada, Science World, Christmas market, Lonsdale Quay and new parks in Surrey and lunch outings at different restaurants. I learned about traffic safety and get involved in the community and other activities like swimming, bowling, floor hockey, book club.
I like my group at Surrey Connections. We  are called team Extreme and we listen to each other and respect one another.
Thanks for reading my story
Reid Parkes

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