Lynch Pins

Shorter column this month because I want everyone else to do some writing this time.

Every once and a while an issue arises that is pivotal. Where the course of events can change for individuals, groups even nations. One such event was last year’s federal election, where who we were going to be as a people was set down for the next several decades. Another lynch pin, more directly involving people with disabilities is starting right and you can be apart of it. Last June the federal government announced the start of the consultation process that will ultimate lead to a Canadian with Disabilities Act being created. This act will effect every Canadian and disabled Canadians in particular, and right now everyone has an opportunity to get involved.

The first way is by filling out this survey on accessibility and what that mean to you:

I know that links to this survey were in the newsletter but this is important enough to be posted twice.

The second is to participate in one of the in person sessions that will be occurring across Canada over the next few months. Victoria will have one on November 7th and Vancouver’s will be on November 26th. (No idea where but keep posted I’m sure the Selfadvocatenet website will have more information as time goes on).

These thing are Lynch Pin events people: A rare opportunity to have a real impact on how your world and the world of everyone with a disability will be shaped for much of this coming century.

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