Self-Advocacy is representing unity in all. Working together we strive for positive growth, goals, and independence.

Accepting everyone’s differences and abilities, we learn from each other.

Together we give and receive, helping gain connections within the community.

Everyone’s ideas are accepted with respect and dignity.

Group events are filled with pride and joy, while sharing smiles and laughter along the way.

Each month we change our voice of social inclusion, to better empower and support.

We cover physical, emotional, material, and spiritual well-beings. Variety creates a bigger image for us all.

Get up, and stand up for your human rights!



1.) Push for change event with SA Advisor in July see I am smiling

2.) SA Group photo @ local Surrey Fire Hall


Minutes of meetings



Brittney Wicklund
Self-Advocacy Facilitator 
Julya Hutton
Self-Advocacy Advisor  

Milieu Family Services Inc.

15127 Fraser Hwy Surrey, BC   V3R 3P2

T: B: 778-808-7353 J: 778-866-2889