Minister’s Advisory Forum on Poverty Reduction

Shelley DeCoste Monthly Report on

September 7, 2018

UBC Robson Square Vancouver

I attend my monthly Form on Poverty Reduction

This on was on Income and Disability Assistance Overview

We heard from 3 people on the forum with lived experience on disability assistance, and the struggles they have to go through.

They high lighted things like getting medication, eyes exams, wanting a different place to meet to get PWD, it is a bit discriminating to go through a group that maybe on drugs and have mental/health issues.

I advocated for the lack of affordable housing lack, which is also assessable for wheelchairs.  I also hear others wanting to have pet friendly housing.

For example I live across the street from a dog park, but I am not allowed to have animals in my apartment.

I talked about home share with age appropriate roommates.

I see people who live with someone who can not or is not able to share the same interests.  Example I have friend who is in her 30’s and lives with a roommate who is in her 80’s.

Shelley DeCoste



Minister’s Advisory Forum on Poverty Reduction

The Minister’s Advisory Forum on Poverty Reduction was appointed in October 2017. The members bring a broad range of expertise to their roles and will provide their insights and guidance to the Minister as the Poverty Reduction Strategy is developed.

The Advisory Forum will support the Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction by:

  • Identifying causes of poverty and innovative approaches to poverty reduction;
  • Recommending priority actions and principles for the Poverty Reduction Strategy that governments and all sectors of society can collectively work on and support;
  • Discussing ideas for poverty reduction generated through the consultation and engagement process;
  • Offering expertise and advice on how best to implement the Poverty Reduction Strategy in the context of other government priorities;
  • Working within communities to encourage full participation in the Poverty Reduction Strategy; and
  • Providing advice on legislation, including targets and timelines.

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