My life with autism

unnamed-2Hi my name is Bailey Kendell Foulds  I am 22 years old .

After high school I came to the Garth Homer Society.

I started in the Discovery program.

I had so much fun at Discovery  I already knew someone and

I also met so many friends and the staff in Discovery are so nice and fun.

This year I started to go to the CAT program. Its also very fun.

Every Friday we watch a movie. Through the week I go to my favourite store to volunteer at the Salvation Army.

I help to sort clothing. Every Halloween the Garth Homer Society goes to Galey farms and have Halloween parties as well as Christmas parties.

I am also in another GHS program called LifeStreams Learning, preparing me for employment.


unnamedEvery Tuesday I go to a preschool and read to the kids. I love kids.

Every Thursday I go to glee club – I obviously love Glee Club so much because it’s really fun and I love to sing and dance and do music. I also have done and love drama and art with Oona.

I am also involved in our self-advocacy group. A few months ago we met with Minister Stilwell to talk about the bus pass issue.

As you can see my life is very busy especially at the Garth Homer Society, but I love going there.

When I am not there, I have dinner group on Wednesdays. I also love to go to Chinatown and the vintage funk store.

Every summer I love to go to camp Shawinigan. I have even been to the happiest place one earth Disneyland 3 times.  It’s my favourite place in the whole world!

People who have autsum don’t have to be afraid or worried that you can’t do anything because you can! There are so many people who have autsum like me.

I hope you find a place like the Garth Homer  Society in your community that will help you have a happy, full and safe life.




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