Pacific Blue Cross: How to get it and what it covers

Pacific Blue Cross is one of British Columbia’s largest benefits providers, and covers approximately 1.5 million British Colubmians through both employee and individual plans. The not-for-profit service organization offers health, dental, life, disability and travel insurance and benefits.


Pacific Blue CrossThe most common coverage is health insurance. Why would you want it? As you go through life, there’s a risk of accidents, serious illnesses or injuries. While the chance of any of these things happening is small, if it does happen, the impact on your finances or your guardian’s finances could be significant. Having insurance is a backup plan so that you have help in these situations to do things like cover medical costs. While much of health care is covered by government plans, many situations are not covered or only partially covered, and also require private plans, such as those offered by Pacific Blue Cross.


You may be covered under Pacific Blue Cross through your employer, but some individuals have to choose their own coverage. There are many differences between plans, but it is worth researching these differences to see which plan is right for you. On their website, Pacific Blue Cross gives some examples of who would benefit from each one of their plans – such as people with existing health conditions, those who are self-employed, those losing coverage under their parent’s plan, or those who only need dental coverage, for example.


Similar information is available for people looking for life, disability and travel coverage. For more information and to get a quote, visit their website at

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