SAS at the CLBC Fraser Self Advocacy Conference 2017’. Recap

SAS is at CLBC Surrey Delta Self Advocacy Conference in many ways today.

We are happy to see West presenting on how living on his own at Chorus has made him extra happy.

We have two SAS members, Asma and Alex who helped plan this conference.

We were able to bring the @IAmVotingBCElection2017 initiative here.

Plus we are here to listen to many other presentations today, talk with friends and make new ones!


This is from recap how thought conference went sas group comments


CLBC Self-Advocates Conference

By: Self-Advocate of Semiahmoo members Michaela Robinson, Kristal Milne and Weston Bosma

What was your favorite part of the conference?

Krista: I liked the 2 brothers speech and West’s speech. The 2 brothers speech was touching. I liked their story.

I like how West spoke about Chorus apartments. Inclusive living is important.

Michaela: I liked that there were so many different speeches. I liked hearing a lot of different people talking and sharing their stories.

West: I loved it. It was great to tell everyone about living at the apartments. I liked listening to the 2 brothers.

I liked hearing about their workout program and about their swimming.

What else did you like about the conference?

Michaela: I liked that self-advocates planned the conference. It is important that self-advocates get involved in the community.

Krista: (Krista added to what Michaela said about self-advocates planning the conference.

It is important to speak out on your behalf about your issues on what is happening in the community. Share your story.

Did you like the place?

Michaela: The place was very good. The room was big. You could go around to other tables, meet people and hand out your business cards.

Krista: It was great. I loved the decorations and how they set it up. It was nice and clean.

Did you meet anyone new or see any old friends?

Michaela: I met one of the presenters, Jennifer. She has Cerebral Palsy. Her story was very interesting. She wanted to work and to be more involved in the community.

She wanted to let her friends know about her disability.

Krista: I sat with people from Milieu for a while. It was really great because I haven’t seen them for a really long time. It meant a lot to me to see them again.

What relaxation activity to you like best?

Michaela: I liked the bubbles. I liked using the pipe cleaner to make the wands. It was an interesting and different activity.

Who would have thought to do something like that?

Krista: I liked all the relaxation activities. I love art. When I relax I like to listen to music and drink water.

West: I liked the coloring because it made me relax and calm before I gave the presentation.

Did you like learning about resources at the conference?

Michaela: I liked learning about the website, You can put your own story up about your life in your community.

Krista: Learning about, I liked seeing everyone’s stories.

Michaela: I liked “I Am Voting: BC Election”,

I thought it was cool being able to practice voting at the conference. Everyone should vote so that you can help your community and what is important to you.

Krista: (About voting) It is important for everyone in the community to vote.

It was a great idea to focus on something that is important to them (having the voting material and practice activity).

So, you liked the conference?

Michaela, Krista and West: We loved it!

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Here some there pictures from CLBC Surrey Delta  Self Advocate Conference

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