The Inclusion News Jan 2020

Wet’Suwet’en Standoff

Wet’suwet’en has agreed to allow pipeline expansion with coastal gaslink to move forward. There has been a peaceful allowance for a blockade to remain to ensure safety for the First Nation people and the land. Due to extreme poverty conditions that have been a longstanding problem, this is the primary reason for the acceptance. Allowing for the possibility of better living and care for the families and elders. There’s nothing more important than having the basic necessities to live a meaningful life, and even though it started off rough, with guns being drawn and a standoff taking place, I understand the dire situation needing a turn around. On the other hand, I say that this is the outcry that hasn’t been addressed in a full compactly and should have other alternative options available. This is the kind of reality that many less fortunate here in our country and communities face and we as peacekeepers and change makers have to continue to try and fix. I feel as an indigenous person, that this needs to be brought to light. As this continues, I’ll update accordingly.

Community Champions Podcast

This year with the continued help and support of Vancouver Island community connections and my co-worker Eric Ettinger along with other staff as well as the Wachiay Friendship Centre Studio manager Rob Crowston, the continued success of Community Champions Podcast is moving forward with great energy and passion for stories from those here at home and across BC. I look forward to expanding and having others tell their stories of life experiences and ideas that will build towards the change and well being of all in our communities and friends and family. You can listen to the podcast here: and contact me via email at or by phone: 250-650-1970 to come on the show. I look forward to meeting and speaking with new faces in the new year. Keep up the great work!

My New Years Address

With continued support and success, as the Comox valley and BC representative alongside fellow Self Advocate Liaisons, I look forward to all that may come as we work alongside our community partners from CLBC, Inclusion BC, BC People First and all community organizations that allow us and our fellow co-workers to maintain the level of growth as we embark on ensuring our drive energy and passion builds towards more opportunities and success stories. None of this would be possible without you and I stress, that it isn’t about the paycheque or notoriety that we should seek, but the love we have in our hearts to continue to make a change and have an impact on our lives individually and collectively. I can’t wait to hear from all of you reading, in the future on how you make a difference and to share and always be yourself.

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