The Inclusion News July 2019

Comox Valley Community Foundation

The Comox Valley Community Foundation has approved $500,000 in grants and scholarships for 2020. These funds support post-secondary studies and local charitable organizations. President of the CV Foundation Matt Beckett, says “We have been entrusted by individuals and organizations to strengthen the vitality of the Comox Valley. The $500,000 represents an increase of $25,000 over funds allocated in 2019. The funds will be distributed in four ways: 1. Community Enrichment grants 2. long-term operational funding for a number of local organizations awarded to local residents who are pursuing studies at universities and colleges & 4.Professional Development grants. For more information email or call 250-338-8444.

Canada Day: 152 Years

In my 26 years of being a proud born and raised Citizen of Canada, I am forever in gratitude for the blessings and successes I have seen for others as well as myself. Living in the Comox Valley has been the cornerstone of my ability to mature and still be young at heart. This was evident for the events taking place downtown Courtenay at Lewis & Simms Park. From Hotdogs, Hamburgers, the Ducky 500, a Bouncy Castle for the kids and Beer Gardens for us Adults I can say that having versatility adequately describes what Canadians can identify by. Being First Nations with the stance of current events, having everyone come together to have fun and be one with each other and all love respect laughter and joy is all I want for Canada. To be an example is what I have grown up admiring and I know we as a Nation can continue the roll we are on.

Keystone XL Pipeline

This past June the Federal Government of Canada purchased the 4.5 Billion dollar pipeline. After much time with watching the news media coverage, discussion with friends and family and my own learning and digging for credible resources on the matter, I feel it only right to as best I can present an unbiased view as to why or how this matters to me. I never really understood or cared for politics and our environment in my early 20’s for what reason I don’t know. Now at 26, in pursuing knowledge of Indigenous Native history, land rights & freedoms and the right to free speech, I come to understand both sides. I can see that with need for more income and the rising prices across the board, markets and businesses have to compete to do business at a high level and low cost effective manner. At the same token, we exploit natural resources such as wild life and game, fresh water sources and the growth and maintenance of our forested areas across BC and Alberta. It has given rise to higher heat waves, fire eruptions and growing concern for both humans and animals alike. So even though the chance to better our survival we have to be mindful of the butter fly affect. How each action we take or ignore drastically changes what may be. So please take time to discuss and share the knowledge as we can not do our best without being our best for what is best in ourselves and our planet.

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