The Kamloops Self Advocates Newsletter March 2018 Edition

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March 2018 Edition  KSA  Newsletter 2018

contains in This month’s theme


Celebrating International Women’s Day with Jill Kavanaugh

In this interview, Jill shares some thoughts on her life and what it means to her to be a woman.

Obstacles I’ve had to overcome:
Depression when I wasn’t getting the right support when I needed it
Building a deeper relationship with my best friend, when it felt like more
Vocalizing what I need and want
Finding out what matters most: friends and family…not “things”
What I’ve learned in the process: It’s ok to tell someone “my life isn’t working, help me!, I matter.”
I got my role of peer advisor from Minna Moon (Ikonen) and what I like about the job is meeting new people.

My greatest strengths:
Loving others, very in tune with my feelings, loyal

I think it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day because:
Women are the strongest beings on earth. We didn’t get any rights for
who we are in the past, but that didn’t stop us. Nowadays, it’s an equal
world between men and women, let’s keep it that way!

What I’d like other women to know:
We are strong! No matter what comes our way! We have to care for each other.


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