The Riot Newsletter January 2015 Featuring Max’s interview Reading for Inclusion.

the riotThe Riot is about self-advocacy.

We offer a newsletter, a blog where self-advocates can share opinions, an online art gallery, toolkits, games and services

to help individuals become stronger self-advocates.

We cover topics that are important to self-advocates. And we really don’t like silly rules that just keep people down.

We are serious about self-advocacy issues, but we also want to make you laugh and feel good about life.

Join us to celebrate the strengths of self-advocates. Help take on the barriers that stand in the way.

Most of all, let’s work together to help people live the life they want with the support they need.


The January 2015   features   Max’s interview in the riot’s newsletter  Reading for Inclusion


The Riot! is for self-advocates – people with disabilities who speak up for themselves.


We hope that other people, like family members, staff and policy makers will enjoy it too. But these pages are written mostly for our main audience, self-advocates!

Here’s what we promise to do. We will:

  • Make you smile. We’re not happy unless we make you laugh at least once.
  • Give you good information.
  • Write articles that promote self-advocates living in the community and taking charge of their own lives.
  • Help make self-advocacy strong. Self-advocates are speaking up all over the country. We’ll give you opportunities to make your voice heard.


But first, Sign Up with your email to get started! When you sign up, we will put you on our email list. When a new issue comes out, we will send you an email to let you know.

Then, click on the link in the email to view and download it. After you download The Riot!, you can print copies and share it with friends, family or support staff.

Can check out as well  the riot website click here for more details as well

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