The Value of Understanding

Written By: Lyndon Brown


Understanding is worth more than money can buy. When our feelings are within and we are non-verbal, we are often misunderstood and are immensely frustrated.

As one without a voice, assumptions are often made about my thoughts and feelings.

As society embraces technology, perhaps we will become better understood through its use of it.

Through expressing our thoughts and feelings, our mind is given the freedom to move forward and have a fulfilling life.  With open minds, we can work to advocate and show society what another way of communicating can do for individuals with a disability and for them.

After all, we all have as much value to society as those with a voice, so our personal thoughts and ideas should be heard.  Without our voice being heard, we cannot educate society on the importance of listening to those with disabilities, especially the non-verbal.  Through the expression of our ideas and thoughts, we can teach that taking time to listen to those with disabilities is beneficial and worth listening to.

Outside of personal understanding, there is a need for all individuals to know they are understood. With advocacy, we have the ability to engage others in learning about the ways we communicate and what their response should be.  Through opportunities to present to university students, as one with a disability, it is my hope that the upcoming teachers, teacher assistants and healthcare professionals will change their perspective.

I also hope that they apply their new perspective when dealing with individuals with disabilities in their future professions.  Education is the first step in advocacy, although not the answer to the endless misunderstandings I face daily. There is much work to be done in advocacy, especially for those who are non-verbal.


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