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Good work comes from volunteerism not just employment. The word employment is a term that defines paid work and also defines the rules and standards we have to follow. EI is short for Employment income these are wages/salary we get for working. We are talking about volunteerism so being a good volunteer means that you are a good worker. It is linked to taking good initiative, supportiveness and being a good team member.

For me being a volunteer takes the pressure off and relaxes me therefore it is a heart healthy soothing experience. It has given me confidence and self-esteem. There are so many tasks I could take care of just by thinking of other people. For the seniors I help them by volunteering for Richmond Cares Richmond Gives Shop by phone program. This also helps me to gain confidence in shopping for myself. This solves a big problem for me. How do I want to be treated as a senior and who will help me when I cannot help myself?

I used to volunteer for the Richmond Animal Protection Society’s thrift store around dogs. I once had a rational fear of dogs working around them helped me to help the cat shelter. I got over my fear. I go to their cat shelter to give love to the cats there; they have Aids to help, and some are rightfully angry and lash out so when they see love they respond with compassion and sensitivity. This is why I love the cute, lovable and cuddly cats.

Volunteerism helps us to see that compassion and sensitivity are needed for success. I also have paired my love of staying active with volunteerism. I bike and or walk to my volunteer work and back home. Being out in fresh air helps me to stay calm, confident and determined to keep Richmond a happy and welcoming environment. I am also able to ride the bus and Canada Line. I know that volunteering and biking helps me stay healthy.Have a positive impact

Volunteerism helps me to work in a store, with different people and for other people and animals who need support. I have worked for people with disabilities and children and have motivated them to show their abilities.

Rasika also loves to do Storydancing, see her flyer below:

Rasika’s Storydancing flyer

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