What Friendship Means To Me


Written By: Shannon Lebrun

A friend is there for you when you are feeling low or upset. A friend is having someone in your life to talk to and to do things together and count on each other. That is the kind of friendship that I had with Brian.

We had each other to talk to and we learned about one another. We did have bad days but more happy ones, but I will never forget how are friendship was with my best male friend Brian.  He was so fun to talk to and to hang out with. Brian passed last August and people say it gets easier but it does not I miss him so much.

Sure we didn’t see eye to eye and we both thought one of us had to be right. If you didn’t know him but went to his service you would see what a caring and loving friend he was. He was so outgoing.

When I first met him he was into Special Olympics, going out for coffee and thrift stores.  He also like to play on his computer. I introduced him to Special Olympics. He and I did 10 pin bowling and bocce and he was so happy in the sports. He received an award for bowling and bocce.

I sure do miss him and it’s hard when you lose someone. He was 10 out of 10 for kindness thoughtfulness and going above and beyond….he did stop smoking and lost a lot of weight and was just happier in life. I am glad I got to meet and hang out with him. I want to say, “Hold everyone and hug each day because you might not wake up to what you had before you went to bed.”

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