Dancing in the Night Life


By: Lee KissingerDancing-free-dance-clipart-clip-art-pictures-graphics


Hi!  My name is Lee Kissinger. I live in Victoria BC and work at Thrifty Foods.

I’m in Special O and have tried different sports like Bocce Ball, Curling, and Golf.

But dancing is my thing! Dances are fun and they give you lots of good energy.

Sometimes you can win prizes. Country music is my favourite.

Recently,I had the chance to go dancing downtown with some friends from work.

We had our staff party and had a volleyball tournament.  Then some of us wanted to go dancing at the Sticky Wicket bar.

I went with my boss and his wife and another friend from work. I couldn’t resist the music.

When I got on the dance floor it was like, HELLO, and I danced and danced, and with some women who wanted to dance with me too.

The energy from dancing makes me feel so good. I would really like to check out other dance clubs.

It would be nice to have someone to go with me at the beginning so I feel comfortable and safe.

I use Individualized Funding and hire my own support workers.

Maybe I should ask my staff to help me explore the night life in Victoria.

Special O has dances too.  Coming up is the year end banquet and dance.

This is fun too. But it would be good to be able to go to both kinds of dances, if you want to.

Maybe I’ll see you dancing in the night life!!






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