Deanna Whittaker: The Road To Self-employment


Written together with Community Connector Support Person


“I like to sell my paper dolls at the Ladner Market and I save my money in a jar”


Deanna is an incredibly talented and creative artist who has lived in Ladner her entire life. She gets inspiration for her artwork from television and movies. Some of her favourites are cartoons and Disney movies. From a young age Deanna had the ability to draw incredibly detailed characters and drawings. Three years ago she started making “Paper dolls” which are cartoon children with sets of removable unique outfits.

Deanna enjoys showing off her dolls in their different outfits to anyone who is interested. She is able to accept requests for specific outfits and is also able to draw characters based on pictures of real people. At first Deanna was somewhat reluctant to sell her art work, but recently she has become willing to share her gift with others. In 2017 an opportunity arose for her to sell her paper dolls at the Ladner Village market.

She has since been able to go back each summer to sell more of her artwork.
Recently Deanna accepted a job with the Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association painting windows for local businesses. She enriches the look of storefronts with her artwork to make them more appealing to people passing by. At the end of June she painted 5 window fronts for the tour de Delta, which happened in July, and will be painting more store fronts for the next big event or holiday.
Deanna hopes to be able to continue to share her artwork with others and she is actively looking for more opportunities to sell her paper dolls.

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