ETA? Is there one?

Why is growth so painful?

I thought by now, I’d be at the point of my life where there’s be a kind of ‘grizzled wisdom’ that comes with age.

Where I’d be letting pearls of enlightenment fall from my lips. Where I’d smile knowingly at those younger than myself and gently guide them along.


Didn’t happening.

I’m still mucking up. Making mistakes. Learning from them.

Gotta say, little angry about that.

Living life and being engaged with it, I suppose means a constant exposure to questions and situations all of which come with the potential of error and misjudgement and just plain fark ups.

Sometimes I want to just stop and yell at the sky – NO MORE GROWTH OKAY, I’M GOOD, I’M DONE.

But the sky would just look down with benign silence and life would move on and I’d step in a puddle on the way home.

I thought the train had arrived at the station.

But it hasn’t.

The journey continues.

I’m wiser but, ouch, the bruise is still pretty colourful.

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