Making Masks For Others

Written By: Joan Pope

I am Mrs. Pope, I’m 75 and I’ve lived on my own for a long time. I wished for things that maybe would help me and found Semiahmoo House. I have worked with Semiahmoo House Society since I was 67 and I’ve learned a lot, including how to make things. I live in a one bedroom apartment at Chorus, and I enjoy it. I got my dream home. I had a bad feeling about 2020, going into this mess. So I went into it thinking about what could happen, then I heard we’re in for no touching and washing hands.

My daughter called me and told me a joke. She said she went shopping for us and she couldn’t find any toilet paper. So I had a call from her and she told me what to do. So I went over to Safeway, with my friend Alex and I was in the lineup and people had masks. They scared me very badly. I got out of there and I came home. It is okay now because my daughter said I don’t have to go to Safeway. Actually, I can’t really go anywhere anymore.

Now I am learning how to make masks, I am having so much fun. For the past three weeks I’ve been making masks with my friend Tanya. We’re making them for people in the community. I cut them around the bottom and we sewed them up nicely. My daughter asked me if I could make her and her mother in law masks so they could go shopping. So I went to Tanya and we made them pretty blue masks in one day. I went home and phoned my daughter to tell her they were done. Now, my daughter and I have a deal. She does my shopping, I let her in and she leaves the food at the door. I’m pretty lucky that I have my daughter and my brother and people calling me.

I’m doing okay these days. Thank you for having me do a story for you, and god bless you.

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