Old is as Old does

bio_dave_hingsburgerI am officially an old fuddy duddy.

Yesterday afternoon, after we got home from work, I sat down in my chair. We flicked on ’24’ and began to watch Jack get through an hour of his very first of many bad days. There was lots of action, lots of tension and it moved at a great pace. I was engrossed.


I wasn’t.

I was sound asleep in my chair. Joe knew I’d been through a fairly stressful few weeks and decided to just let me sleep. So he stuck a yellow sticky on the remote control for the television, which was tucked in my hand, telling me he was going out shopping for a wee bit.

Waking suddenly, a bit disoriented, I hadn’t slept that soundly for quite a while. I saw that the program was paused. I listened carefully and the place sounded silent. Finally I called Joe to find out where he was and he told me about the yellow sticky, which I found easily, and he said he’d be home in a few minutes.

What’s a fella to do?


I went back to sleep.

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