Year in Review 2021



In January 2021 Stories, News



This is Story from Summer Clement post in January 2021

My overcoming COVID19 story

This is from news in January 2021 Ministry of Income Announced

Minister’s statement on basic income report




In February 2021  Stories, News


This from The news in February from Federal Govt is

Government of Canada invests in CARE Montreal renovation project to create greater access to services for persons with disabilities

 This from news in February BC Govt Announced new housing project

New affordable homes coming for people in southern Interior



In March 2021 Stories, News



This from news in March Story from Written by: Abneet Dhaliwal

10 Years Of Employment

This from news in March Story from Kristian Shaw doing presentations during Covid 19

Kristian Shaw Presentations during Covid 19

 This from news in March regarding BC Govt Perminate increase changes to income assistance

Permanent increase to assistance rates helps people in need

This from news in March



In April 2021 Stories and News



Grant supports culture of accommodation in the workplace

Then BC People First hired Liaison

Now Hiring! BCPF Self-Advocate & Member Liaison

 This in April that was posted in Piece Arch News on revisions to assisted-death legislation

Self-advocates ‘sad, scared, angry’ over revisions to assisted-death legislation

BC Govt Budget came out

Throne speech outlines work to put pandemic behind us, plans for strong recovery




May 2021 Stories, News



BC Govt Announced  Minimum Wage increase to 15 dollars an Hour

Minimum wage surpasses $15/hour

Then education Govt made education more accessible

New supports for students with disabilities make education more accessible

Story by Brianna Geider

My Story During Covid

Story by Ronnie

My life during the Pandemic

Then World Health Order  came out with disability action plan

WHO global disability action plan 2014–2021: better health for all people with disability




 June 2021 Stories and News


Federal Govt of Canada announcement of federal minimum wage  

Federal minimum wage of $15 per hour to come into effect on December 29, 2021

Then in June had extreme heat wave started in BC

Tips to stay safe, cool during extreme heat wave

 Then Government of Canada introduces legislation to create the new Canada Disability Benefit

Government of Canada introduces legislation to create the new Canada Disability Benefit

 BC Govt announced for people with diabetes

Expanded medical device coverage for people with diabetes

 Then story done by Akshay Sachdeva

A Lived Experience Story about Employment



July 2021 Stories and News



Living through COVID-19 self-isolation.  Not once…but twice!!

Story Written by Noel Anderson

Living through COVID-19 self-isolation.  Not once…but twice!!

Story Written By Mike Gauthier

There’s a Wildfire in the Rockies

 Story Written By Natalie Raven

What I Have Learned This Past Year

 Story Written By Stacey Kohler,

A Story about My Job

 Story Written By Alexa Lehwald

Alexa Conquers Covid-19

 CLBC News

CLBC Board Chair re-appointed to second term



August 2021 Stories and News



Story Written by Spencer from BC disability

Jo-Anne Gauthier: The People’s President

 Story Written By Pierre Legault

Alone and Disabled

Story Written By Denise Houle

Struggle to Survive

 BC GOVT Investing in skills training for B.C.’s workers

Investing in skills training for B.C.’s workers Updated on Aug. 5, 2021







September 2021 Stories and News



BC Govt News

Supports extended for youth from care

 BC Govt News

Cycling classes coming to Victoria, South Coast schools

 Spencer wrote story for BC Disability

Their Story: Self-Advocate Leadership Network

 CLBC News

Appointment of a Self-Advocate to board

CLBC welcomes new board member Amber Rainshadow

 Then Disability Alliance BC News on

DABC’s Statement on the BC Government’s Lack of Medical Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport




October 2021 Stories and News

 BC Govt News 

Have your say on making new buildings more accessible

 CLBC Self Advocate Story

By Matthew Yeomans (Chilliwack)

Building a brighter future

 Story Written By Deepi Leihl

Facing Your Fears

 Story Written By: Kimberly Boyce

My Future

 BC Govt News

More help for British Columbians who need prosthetics, orthotics

 BC Govt News

TogetherBC annual report highlights actions to reduce poverty



November 2021 Stories and News

Story Written By: Jeevan Basra

Living with Limited Income

Then in November we had Flooding Disaster

Selfadvocatenet Emergency Information Page

Story Written By: Miranda Orth

Getting Medication Costs Covered

 Spencer did story for BC Disability

The Advocate, the Athlete: Bryce Schaufelberger

 BC Govt News

Funding supports Victorians to get back to work





 December 2021 Stories and News


BC Govt News

New shelter proposed to help Penticton’s most vulnerable

UBC News

SURVEY – Advancing Equal Access for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the Workforce












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