The Inclusion News Nov. 2016

One huge step
Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the Government of
BC announced $1 million
to fund a total of 15
Special Education
Schools (SES) throughout
the province. “This
funding announcement
sends a dangerous
message that students
with special needs belong
elsewhere and cannot be
supported in their
neighborhood school,”
said Faith Bodnar,
Executive Director of
Inclusion BC. I believe
this change from the BC
government to be
immoral, disrespectful
and a slap to the history
that persons with
diverseabilities have been
creating in our push for
new opportunities and
success for all. Here is
the link to the full article:



Community Living Month
This past month was Community
Living Month. As the Self
Advocate Liaison and as a
community member living in the
Comox Valley I am thankful to
be a part of such an inclusive
community. In the next few
months going into the New Year,
I will be working on ensuring the
bigger businesses in town are up
to date on Inclusive hiring
practices as well as ensuring
that the businesses and
community support services in
CLBC work towards more
People with Diverseabilities
being hired. I believe it’s
important that all Community
services under the CLBC banner
work towards ensuring this
success. I am looking forward to
2017 becoming one of the
greatest years in this regard.
Community Living month is a
time of acknowledging every
branch of CLBC as well as it’s
service providers and Persons
with Diverseabilities. I can’t wait
to celebrate Community Living
month for 2017.
This news letter was created by Public

V.I.S.A. Caf-eh
Along with Community Living Month in
October, September is the start of a new
school year. For myself as a Self Advocate
for People with Diverseabilities I am looking
forward to a fresh start. What do I mean by
this you may ask? I am hoping that this year
of 2016 going into 2017 brings the best
possible supports and services for schooling
students as well as Community Living BC and
each Community Support Service to bring
their A game. The reason I am choosing to
address this and include it in this newsletter is
because I believe that opportunities to
increase services and chances for people
along with the best support, service &
employment is never ending. Speaking from
the success I have had and continue to be
afforded, I want to see Persons with
Diverseabilities to have the same chance.
That way we can truly say as a community
that we believe in our future. The future is
and has always been our young females and
males. To have parents, siblings, friends &
family support and acknowledge these topics,
it will get the word out. Word of mouth starts
full discussion to build on how to move
forward. Being of First Nations heritage, I’ve
always remembered this saying “It takes a
community to raise a child” with this being
said I hope to see brand new incentives for
better community inclusion, job opportunity,
honesty and respect.

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