The Inclusion News Nov. 2019

CLBC Welcome Workshops

This past October, myself, Barb Legg, Leah Wall & Claire, completed our first set of Welcome Workshops here in the Comox Valley. The overall impression to give is: Success! Many parents/advocates attended for & with Individuals which CLBC serves and supports in all areas of life. We all learned and shared with one another and it made for engaging and meaningful presentations. The 2 biggest crowd engaging workshops was #2: Community Connections & #4: The Real Deal. Community involvement and understanding CLBC and it’s funding system for individuals and families were the main focal points of conversation and learning. I personally cannot wait until we are able to carry forward a new set of Welcome Workshops so that we can keep sharing & learning about CLBC.

Comox Valley Local Elections:

We recently held our General local elections. What is general elections you ask? General local elections are occur throughout the Comox Valley and include elections for municipal councils, regional district electoral areas, the board of education, and the Islands Trust. Which elections you participate in depends on where you live or own property. That being said, I myself took time out to go and vote for 6 candidates to be selected for Council and a new Mayor for Courtenay. Understanding the electoral process can be daunting and from past experiences, some folks may neglect to vote all together due to feeling a failure in the Democratic system. I too felt this way at one point, but I realized that it’s best to stay as informed and aware as possible in knowing voting matters as are those we elect & trust to keep the Valley as amazing as it is

Indigenous Awareness Month:

This November the annual Aboriginal Disability Awareness Month is in British Columbia, recognizing the unique contributions Indigenous people living with disabilities make to communities throughout the province. As a First Nations young adult (25) and being part of CLBC’s Indigenous Advisory Committee, staying current, up to date and involved with our First Nations Brothers & Sisters, I must say I am joyed to be apart of helping bring light to those that deserve recognition regardless of any limitation they may face. I myself have FASD and Cerebral Palsy, even so I have taken time to learn about each and learn the pros and cons so as each day comes along, I know in my heart that I am as well as others just as fully capable to work live and play in the community I love and call home. Understanding is the biggest piece to life because nothing and nobody is perfect. As long as we are willing to listen and learn about one another, Awareness can help open up conversation to taking away the stigmatisms and fear of being “different”. CLBC will have an official poster/page on their website for November, check it out!

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